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The versatile nature of the kitchen is equally matched by the design of the SensioPod™. Providing a practical solution to power needs, the SensioPod™ pops out to give access to the sockets and then neatly slots away hidden from view. Unlike other designs on the market, the advanced SensioPod™ is capable of closing to its retracted state whilst appliances are still plugged in. Ideal for streamlined modern homes, this flexible approach ensures that the kitchen can maintain its sleek and refined lines.

Offering far more than the average retractable socket, the SensioPod™ comes in two different varieties to solve an array of needs. The SensioPod™ Power & USB version boasts two USB ports in addition to three power sockets. Reinventing the power socket, it allows the user to charge their iPod or use other USB powered devices within the convenience of the kitchen.

In keeping with contemporary design trends, the SensioPod™ has a modern aluminium casing. Comfortable and simple to use, it has a specially designed handle to allow it to be easily pulled out. Other models on the market have fittings which can become loose with time resulting in the product not retracting properly. Tested to ensure that it is durable and long lasting, Sensio has corrected this problem by creating a quick release catch to guarantee that it will always close securely. Both models feature an illuminated neon green control switch to indicate when the SensioPod™ is active. For those looking to save on their energy bills, this is an easy way to check if you have turned your appliances off before leaving the home.

Produced to utlise space efficiently, the SensioPod™can be cleverly situated in otherwise redundant space in the corner recesses of kitchen cabinetry. Highly adaptable, it can be fitted into worksurfaces or island units, and even around sinks as it is splash proof. Designed to withstand splashes, the IP54 rated SensioPod™ has inbuilt water channels that filter water away.

Conforming to regulations, the standard 240 volt plugs are accredited under CE regulations and it also comes with fuse protection. When exposed, the SensioPod™ Power & USB measures 331mm high whereas theSensioPod™ DATA measures 343mm high. Its streamlined design is much slimmer than other models on the market with measuring just 100mm across the diameter.

Video introduction of retractable socket SensioPod™ Power & USB

Technical specifications:
  • Aluminium structure with chrome handle
  • 230-240V
  • Independent power switch and fuse spur
  • 3 x power sockets
  • 2 x USB sockets (no need to unplug other appliances)
  • IP54 (unplugged status)
  • Pull up handle for secure hold

Voltage Cable Height Width Cut-out
220-240V 1.5m 421mm 100mm 92mm

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